Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A little Mother's Day project..........

My little Mother's Day project is one that I gave to members of my "Wooly Buddies" group on May Day. It's a project that I designed a couple of years ago as a free hand-out at a local quilt guild's fundraising event. All it takes is a little woolfelt and some embroidery floss/Perle cotton and beads or charms if desired.

I scanned the framed photo with my samples so you can clearly see the colors and designs.

And, yes, the pattern says "Hello, Wooly Buddies" but I was in a hurry and decided I didn't need to take time to change it. I post several patterns in my Wooly Buddies Yahoo group so if you are interested go here and you can join.

Just right click on the pattern pages and save to your computer and the pattern will print out just fine. I must load jpg files and cannot load PDF files on to blogger. I am able to load PDF's in Yahoo groups so you will find PDF's of my patterns there.
That's all for today. I have a nice little project planned for June. Here's a clue.........everything's coming up roses and teacups and warm weather!!!
One more time ....... have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!!


Valerie said...

This is so neat. Thanks for sharing.

Piecefulafternoon said...

That is so sweet - and thanks for sharing.

CieAngel said...

Thank you so much for the cute pattern. Happy Mother's Day to you. See you next month for Tea, my birthday is on the 16th.

Wendy said...

So many cute patterns... Maybe I will be trying my hand at some... thanks for the inspiration....I love tea parties

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandi, you and I share something in common - other than love ot stitches - and that is birthdays! I'm also on June 3rd. Love your blog and your website. Keep up the great work and thanks so much for taking the time to share.

Terri Drake in Ossineke, Michigan

Bellamere Cottage said...

Oh YES!!!!!!!!! I am loving this! Thank you so much for sharing!


A little stitching poem.........

This little poem was written for one of my beginning quilting students - only 8 years old but her stitches were those of a natural seamstress!

For Bailey Anne . . . .
When this you see, think of me.
Sit down and have a cup of tea.
Then place your quilt upon your lap,
begin to stitch . . . no time to nap!
Stitch patiently and you will see . . .

how fine a quilter you can be!

©1999-2008 Sandra E. Andersen